CELEBRATIONS IN APRIL 2020 Two Sorru-Sevi in Grentu 
Friday, April 3rd  ;  3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Prayer
Palms : Saturday, April 4th ;  3:00 pm GUAGNO;  4:00 pm BALOGNA;  5:00 pm SAGONE             
Palms : Sunday, April 5th ;  9:30 am  APPRICCIANI; 11:00 am LETIA st ROCH;  11:00 am VICO;  11:00 am MARIGNANA;  11:00 am SOCCIA;  3:00 pm COGGIA              
Chrismale Mass Tuesday, April 7th at 9:30 am in Bastia                                                               
Holy Thursday: Thursday, April 9th :  Area Mass at Vico Church 6:00 pm
Holy Thursday: Thursday, April 9th ;  3:00 pm  BALOGNA Adoration of the Sacrament;  3:00 pm SAGONE Adoration of the Sacrament;  3:00 pm RENNO Adoration of the Sacrament;  9:00 pm SOCCIA Adoration of the Sacrament;  9:00 pm GUAGNO Adoration of the Sacrament
Holy Thursday: Office of Darkness at CRISTINACCE 9pm Cunfraternita di Padre Albini                                                                
Good Friday: Friday, April 10th ;  3:00 pm MURZO Passion Office;  3:00 pm RENNO Way of the Cross;  3:00 pm GUAGNO Way of the Cross;  3:00 pm LETIA st MARTIN Way of the Cross;  3:00 pm SOCCIA Passion Office;  5:00 pm SAGONE Way of the Cross;  5:00 pm BALOGNA Way of the Cross;  8:00 pm VICO A Passione (Cunfraternita);  9:00 pm SOCCIA Way of the Cross - procession 9:00 pm VICO Procession
Holy Saturday, April 11st : Celebration at the EHPAD Joan of Arc with the children of Kté and the residents at 3:00 pm
Saturday, April 11st : 7:00 pm BALOGNA Blessing of the new cross
Easter Vigil: Saturday, April 11st ; 8:00 pm SAGONE;  9:00 pm EVISA;  9:30 pm  VICO;  10:00 pm GUAGNO           
Easter: Sunday, April 12nd ;  9:30 am Convent;  11:00 am ORTO Baptism;  11:00 am LETIA st MARTIN;  11:00 am SOCCIA;  11:00 am RENNO                               
Friday, April 17th ;  3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Prayer
Baptism: Saturday, April 18th VICO    
Sunday, April 19th ; 9:30 am Convent              
Friday, April 24th ;  3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Messe
Saturday, April 25th at 2:30 p.m. at the Convent meeting of parish councils followed at 3:30 pm by the reflection-debate on the Pastoral Letter of our Bishop (Part 3)                                                                    
Sunday, April 26th ;  9:30 am Convent           
Friday, May 1st ; 3:00 pm EHPAD Vico Prayer
Saturday, May 2nd ;  5:00 pm SAGONE             
Sunday, May 3rd ;  9:30 am Convent;  11:00 am VICO              

Funerals celebrated in March

Ms Françoise MANENTI born LUCIANI in SOCIA on 2nd March

Mr Antoine, François BATTINI at MARIGNANA on 5th March

Mr Dominique DEMARTINI in ORTO on 7th March

Mr Jean HIGOA at EVISA on 9th March

Mrs Mary Antoinette MALLARONI born CAVIGLIOLI at GUAGNO on 19th March

Mr Joseph AMBROSI at COGGIA on 20th March

Mr Bernard Charles RAMAY at VICO on 23th March

Mrs Lucchinette PERRIN born SENI at APPRICIANI on 28th March